Addicted To Modding

“The Ice Cube Addiction” MOD by HiTechMODs


Well since this was the first time working with Plexiglas this will not be as detailed of a MOD as most of our other MODs. I was doing many things over and over due to errors and mistakes. This should and will give you the idea since most steps I’ll have pictures for and the steps without pictures I will explain to you. I have learned something the hard way and I will pass those on to you as well so you do not make the same errors I did. Since I love the way this case came out and lights up, you can bet that I will do one more case like this one with better step by step instructions as well as diagrams for you to download and use for your own project.

First you will need some Plexiglas, I used 1/4″ for the frame and 3/16″ for the shelves. As far as the amount you will need depends on the case size. Now in the picture you see Plexiglas that I got from Home Depot, all of the Plexiglas they have comes with a plastic film to protect it. Do not go to Home Depot for the Plexiglas, go to a local glass place and get the Plexiglas that comes with paper on it for protection as it will not come off when your cutting it like the plastic film does. Plus it is easier to make marks on and even gives you nicer cuts. Since your going to a local glass place it might cost you a few dollars more but trust me it will be worth it.

Now you will need a little table saw, since the place you get your Plexiglas from will not cut the stuff at perfect size get it a little larger then you need and cut it yourself to the size you need.

For the 1/4″ and 3/16″ think Plexiglas you will need a carbide blade, I got this 60 teeth blade at Home Depot, 40 teeth blade will do as well. Nice new blade is always a plus when cutting Plexiglas.

To be continued….