HiTechMODs “Perfect Drug” Graphic Card Cooler MOD

HiTechMODs “Perfect Drug” Graphic Card Cooler MOD


Before I start the MOD I would like to thank two sponsors for making this possible.

For supplying us with the fans and grills we would like to thank: http://www.highspeedpc.com/

And for allowing me to make this all happen and breakthrough my addiction at  Albuquerque drug rehab. Thank you to

Do you want to cool your graphics card more but do not want to void your warranty?? Well this little MOD should do the trick for you, it dropped the temperature 22°F lower on our GeForce 3. Price of the MOD is about $11.00 plus a few bucks for the shipping on the fan/grill.

I do not know about you but this Cooler does a great job at cooling our GeForce 3 card. Now lets get on with the project.

Pic-1: First I was going to use an old PCI modem card, but after removing all the electronic parts from it and started to sand the contacts off it was a big mess so it was time for plan B.

Pic-2: Off to Radio Shack I went, I found this Prepunched Perfboard (Radio Shack part #276-1394 A). It cost me $2.69 plus tax.

Pic-3: Here is the Prepunched Perfboard out of the bag.

Pic-4: I took my old PCI card and traced it onto the Prepunched Perfboard.

Pic-5: Here is the outline of the PCI card on the Prepunched Perfboard. If you look on the right side of the traced out pattern I did not trace the right side and I will make the Prepunched Perfboard longer for now.

Pic-6: Off to the workshop I went and cut out the basic shape I traced off the PCI card. I also filed down the edge that fits into the PCI Slot at an angle just like the PCI card, take a close look at picture #22, since I forgot to take one at this stage of the project.

Pic-7: In case you missed the last picture, before putting the card into the slot file the edge into V shape. Look at picture #22. I put the Prepunched Perfboard into the slot and was ready to make a mark of on the Prepunched Perfboard where the center of my fan is on the graphic card.

Pic-8: Remove the card and get your fan & grill ready. You will need a 60mm x 10mm fan and grill, you can get the fan and grill from HighSpeedPC. The grill is optional but I like to use it for looks and from stopping my fingers from going into the fan 🙂

Pic-9: Closer look at the Prepunched Perfboard with my mark for the fan hole.

Pic-10: Now you could use the grill to make your mark for the fan hole but it will be alot smaller then you want. Go to our “Diagrams” section and download our 60mm fan diagram to mark your hole.

Pic-11: You should end up with something like this.

Pic-12: Off to the workshop again, once I had the area where everything will be located I could make what ever shape I wanted from the Prepunched Perfboard. I wanted to get away from the standard square cards so I cut out this shape free hand, no pattern was used. File down the edges a little with some sand paper after cutting it. I found the Dremel perfect for cutting with a bit and the sanding drum for file and even filing off a large amount. Do not forget to drill out the 2 holes for the bracket as well.

Pic-13: Now that I got my shape cut out and my fans hole I can mount the bracket onto the Prepunched Perfboard. You can use any bracket from a PCI card or ISA, if you do not have an old card laying around you can try to visit a local computer store and ask them for an old ISA or PCI card that does not work, or if they would just have a bracket maybe. I’m sure they will have something they can give you for free.

Pic-14: One more picture from a different angle.

Pic-15: Now I wanted to try the card out to make sure everything fit.

Pic-16: I would say that’s a very nice fit 🙂

Pic-17: Top view of the HiTechMODs Cooler (it’s no longer Prepunched Perfboard, now it’s HiTechMODs Graphic Cooler). LOL….

Pic-18: Time to mount our Fan onto the Cooler card. I’m mounting the grill on the front of the card and the fan on the back. Mount the fan so it will blow air onto the video card to cool it.

Pic-19: Picture of the back of the card, make sure you mount the fan so it blows air onto the Video Card.

Pic-20: Now we are ready to use our graphic card cooler, little side angle picture.

Pic-21: Top view of the cooler. Since you would never want to use the first PCI slot next to the AGP slot to let air flow to the video card. Our Graphics card cooler will only use one more slot, so the first two PCI slots will be used up. The 3rd slot you can use for what ever you want.

Now your ready to use our graphic card cooler. It’s not bad looking but the color was not doing anything for me at all so I took it to the next step 🙂

Pic-22: Once again the angle cut of the edge that fits into the PCI Slot, make sure you file this at an angle. This will reduce the chance of snagging a pin in the slot and bending it down into the slot.

Pic-23: Since I was not happy with the color of the Prepunched Perfboard I took some spray paint I had left over and gave it one good coat of blue paint and then I did one coat of crystal clear enamel. I used Rust-Oleum spray paint that I had left over from painting a DVD face plate. DO NOT paint the area of the Prepunched Perfboard that fits into the PCI Slot. You do not want to have any paint scrape off in the slot. It’s not like you will see it when you insert the card anyway.

Pic-24: Mount your fan and grill back on and your ready to use it once again.

Pic-25: Just wanted to show you the back of the card as well.

Pic-26 & 27: HiTechMODs Graphic Card Cooler in action!

This is a very simple and easy MOD you can do to cool your Video card, best part about it is that it will not void your warranty on the Video card and it should not run you more then $11.00 and $19 if you need to buy new paint.